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With their sophisticated blend of functionality and aesthetic refinement, the ILJM’s purpose-built, exquisitely finished spaces are designed to accommodate all kinds of social and corporate events.
A. Ground Floor
At ground level, our Entrance Hall and Atrium, welcome visitors amenably to the ILJM. These versatile, luxurious spaces are easily adapted to all kinds of events and can be used separately or in conjunction throughout the year. They can be used to accommodate a coffee break session in the interim of a corporate event or conference, but also to house a light meal or a cocktail.  On the ground floor, visitors can also visit the ILJM shop and exemplary Jewelry Workshop.
Ground Floor Capacity
Standing/cocktail: 200 persons
Seated: 60 persons
Buffet: 50 persons
Â. Temporary Exhibition Space 
The unique ambiance of the ILJM Temporary Exhibition Space make it an environment ideally suited to the hosting of special events.  It can be used separately or in conjunction with the neighboring Multiple Function Room, and constitutes an ideal choice for a seated meal or a cocktail event.
Temporary Exhibition Space Capacity
Standing/cocktail: 400 persons
Seated: 120 persons
Buffet: -
C. Multiple Function Room
Our Multiple Function Room is a highly versatile space that can be used to accommodate a variety of corporate and social events. Fully outfitted with audio-visual equipment it is ideally suited to the hosting of conferences, corporate meetings, press conferences, book presentations or corporate training events. As an auxiliary space it can also be used for social events, cocktails or seated dinners. 
Multiple Function Room Capacity
Seated dinner: 60 persons
Buffet: 60 persons
Conference: 110 persons
D. Roof Terrace
The Museum’s Roof Terrace on the third floor is an exclusive space for entertaining all year round. A bright, sunny room during the winter months, it is ideally suited for small, informal gatherings. During spring and summer its sizeable, open-air Terrace with its unique view of the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Philopappos Hill creates an exceptional setting for any event.
Roof Terrace Capacity 
i. Interior space
Seated: 20 persons
ii. Out Door Space
Standing/ cocktail: 250 persons
Seated: 70 persons
Buffet: 60 persons
Corporate Events – Conferences
Corporate Events and Conferences are accommodated in the Museum’s Multiple Function Room on the second floor. With a capacity of 110 persons, this fully air-conditioned space is outfitted with sophisticated audio-visual equipment and lends itself as a prime location for all types of professional functions. 
The Multiple Function Room can accommodate: 
• A 10-speaker panel and a podium equipped with a microphone
• Video projection, and power-point presentation screens
• A dais-end outfitted with high-tech equipment

Cultural Events – Private Functions 
The Entrance Hall, the Atrium, the Multiple Function Room and the Roof Terrace can host all types of cultural events and private functions, offering the best in hospitality.
The Museum provides catering services to complement any social occasion and offers, in addition, the unique opportunity of a private guided tour of the Museum’s displays by one of our Curators, thus securing the success of any private or cultural function. 

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